The coolest bears on the planet have arrived!

Whether you are looking for a birthday present, a Christmas gift, a get well soon companion or simply a token of love or appreciation, our Cool Bears are the answer. They will enthuse children and adults alike. Choosing from this exclusive collection may be a feat but what is certain is that you will definitely fall for one… at least!

Our very special bears – available in small numbers only – are made of mohair wool and come in a variety of sizes. The medium-sized and large ones are fully dressed in ‘cool’ clothes made of beautiful quality material. The finishing details such as yellow stitching on jeans and embroidery on the sweatshirts and jackets show great workmanship. All the dressed bears have got a body made of strong canvas. Although our bears are not meant to be undressed, should you need to, most items of clothing are removable for washing.

Cool Bears are unique in many ways: their look, their quality and the irresistible expression on their faces! Since our cuddly friends all have their own style and personality we have decided to introduce each of them individually.

To find out more, click on each category. Some also have pets, so don’t forget to click on the ‘Small Pets’ category too!

And if you want to keep Cool or one of his friends with you at all times, why not hang one of your favourite characters on your keys or mobile phone? Your distinctive bunch of keys or personalised mobile phone will, no doubt, leave your friends very envious! Discover them all by clicking on ‘Keyrings and Charms’.